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Support for School Garden Programs

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Increasingly, school gardens are becoming the focal point for improving the attitudes, health and well being of school children who may be used to overly processed and manufactured food. Whether using a window box to grow herbs in the classroom or turning a portion of the school property into a full-fledged vegetable garden, the hands-on experience of growing something and having the opportunity to pick it is changing how children see fruits and vegetables and the living world they inhabit. 


Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.


Recent Articles Worth Reading: 

  • Food Safety in the School Garden: University of Maryland, College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
    • Click here for the link.
  • One Tool for Many Tasks-School Gardens: NJF2S Network Partner and Founder of the Suppers Program, Dorothy Mullen, has teamed up with Andrea Eberly, MD to write a great article about school gardens and how they work to "rewire" brains that are suffering from nature deficit, poor diet and lack of good nutrition.


Agriculture and Environmental Education (On-Farm) in New Jersey


School Garden and Nutrition Education in New Jersey

                Contact Dr. Kathleen Morgan, 732 932-5000, Ext 604 

  • Rutgers Gardens (Middlesex County)
    • Contact: Bruce Crawford, 732 932-8451 

Schools K-12 with School Garden Programs


Schools K-12 with School Cooking Programs





                                                  Princeton's Riverside Elementary School "Three Sisters Garden"


Garden Resources 




     Photo courtesy of Atlantic City School District.








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